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Reliable and cost effective


Safety in the maritime sector is increasingly important. Two issues are of interest: preventing slack ropes and overload.​

The SafeWinch makes a positive contribution in both cases.

How does it work?

The SafeWinch has a ratchet which automatically blocks the drum and prevents overloading of the gearbox and the drive. Furthermore, operation is simpler, thereby reducing risk by means of limited human action. We have adopted a different principle in order to meet these two objectives. There is a substantial difference between recovering and rendering. It is therefore important to separate these two actions. In the heart of the new winch is a patented system that separates itself from the torque depending on the direction.

In addition to the prevention of peak load the system provides the additional benefit of less wear on the engine and gearbox. The SafeWinch is available with approval by various classification societies. 

In the recent years SafeWinches have been sold to:

Turkey, France, Belgium, Norway, Istrael, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Panama, Netherlnads

In 2008 our SafeWinch  was awarded with the  Maritime Innovation Award and the Seatrade Award!


Winner of 2 awards

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