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Quality and capacity

Anker 1

The shipping industry places heavy demands on quality capacity of capstans. This is an area in which we have a reputation to maintain. 

Solid capstans have been part of our product range for several decades. Thanks to perfect cooperation with shipbuilders and marine contractors we are able to keep up with and where necessary anticipate current trends. 

Not only do the largest vessels and dredgers in the world have our capstans but also inland shipping barges. Providing all-round client satisfaction.

The increasing use of cables has increased the demand for warping heads with a larger diameter. For that reason we have developed a new series of capstans. Our KAC capstans require little space because of their sophisticated design.

These capstans can be integrated into the deck. The foundation is open at the bottom, so that it is easy to connect to the engine deck. The capstans can be driven electrically or hydraulically. Also possible are electric/hydraulic capstans with tank, pump, etc. fully integrated. In addition, other types of pulls and speeds are possible by using a sophisticated range of standard components.

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