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Barge winches

Compact and low maintenance


Since the 1970s we have been producing anchor winches for inland shipping barges. 

Initially with electric and hydraulic drive and during the last ten years mainly with an electric/hydraulic version. This implementation has several advantages.

  • Comapct construction

  • Reliable

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to connect

  • Quiet

  • Equipped with stepless speed control

  • Option for wireless operation

  • Overloading of the winch is not possible

If necessary, we also supply anchors, chains and steel wires. 

high standard
Service & guarantee: always close at hand

All winches are equipped with a claw coupling with a square bore. The advantages speak for themselves. Blocking of the coupling on the shaft is excluded, tilting or jamming of the wedge is impossible. There is no wear of the friction material. Adjustment is not necessary. Oil or ice on the friction material is not possible.


We work with high-quality materials, which is why the dimensions and weights in relation to the pulling force are less than those of similar suppliers. This eliminates unnecessary weight of anchors, chains and winches which would otherwise result in unnecessarily high fuel-costs over the years.

All brakes on our winches are fitted with high-quality asbestos free brake linings, even for the iron/steel chain wheels. All non white parts are blasted to SA 2.5 and treated with a primer and a maritime paint system.

Our winches can be welded directly on to the deck without foundation. This reduces difficult-to-clean parts of the deck to a minimum. As we develop and manufacture all our own products, service and warranty are always close to hand.

We can also supply chains and anchors, so that they always match. We deliver anchors and chains from various manufacturers. They can be provided with a certificate from any classification society.


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