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Kraaijeveld specialist in winches

At KRAAIJEVELD we believe in quality, rapid delivery and the very best service. That has been our main ambition now for over 90 years. We offer worldwide support to make sure your work or process is uninterrupted wherever you are.

KRAAIJEVELD was founded in 1927 by Cornelis Kraaijeveld, aimed at the design and manufacturing of winches for the maritime industry. Now 94 years on this is still the main stay of our business, but many other products were added to our program. Amongst others we supply hydraulic power unites, electric switch boxes, control system, frequency drives. 

Our expertise ranges from commercial shipping to offshore, inland going vessels, fishing, dredging and industry but also slipways

We are quick

In Europe we can be on location within 24 hours, and will travel all over the world to support our customers. We keep a large stock of products and spares, and same day delivery for standard products is often possible.

Hard aan het werk
Qualified engineers

We have a team of professionally trained  and specialized engineers that enables us to take full responsibility for your system.

Windmolens Kinderdijk
Praten op telefoons
We can be reached at any time

We understand like no one else that a quick delivery and good service are important for the continuity of your operation.

For problems or failures in commercial installations we can be reached 24/7.

Windmolens Kinderdijk
We strive for sustainable and socially responsible way of doing business

Social responsibility and sustainability are no hollow phrases in our organisation. We continuously try to improve the sustainability of our company processes. Lowering our energy consumption, separating waste at the source and the keen ambition to offer the most energy efficient products available.

Being socially responsible, we support social initiatives and organizations such as  sport clubs, museums and  foundations.

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